"When you only have seconds,
It's your training that counts!"

Meet The Team

Our company was founded after the owner discovered himself in an officer involved shooting and realized later that his actions had occurred so rapidly that he could not recall the exact events that had transpired.  He only knew that in six seconds, he had to make a life and death decision and it was his training that had saved his life and possibly the lives of others around him.

As a SWAT Operator for several years, our founder learned that most breaching operators, like himself, have had most of their training on the job under life-threatening conditions.  As he started looking for better ways to train on breaching, he was unable to find an affordable and practical training aide.  After his search, the patented APB door was created and designed to meet the needs of Special Operation Teams of law enforcement and Fire-Rescue at all levels.  We have involved staff members from the fire and rescue industry to provide expertise to make the APB door versatile for training in multiple situations.

It is the goal of everyone involved in this company to promote safety.  If only one life is saved by the products that we invent, our goal will have been met.  In the brotherhood of both “The thin blue line” and fire professionals, we are honored to serve.